by The Faded Youth

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released June 17, 2016



all rights reserved


The Faded Youth Raleigh, North Carolina

Music for the people.

thank you for the love.

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Track Name: Nameless
This is a story
Start out happy
Ends up boring
Outside it's pouring
Inside it's storming
Gory movies playing
on the t.v. it's driving me insane
I think about the way the I'll die
and if you'll remember my name

Tell you that I'll change
Do more of the same
Every day feeling a little bit
more deranged
Disengaged from society
High off of sobriety
We've come too far
We've come too far
for you to try to lie to me
I won't fall apart quietly
I won't leave till your smiling
I'm dialing your phone number
Wake you from your slumber
Spit out all my guts
Prolly' watch you as you leave me
Love is tough
and hate is easy
I'm cliche and this is cheesy
I will laugh as you will tease me
I'm having a hard time breathing
You and the reefer have an odd effect
Kiss you goodbye
when i get home send you a text


Misery loves company
but iron sharpens iron
I can't help but feel a failure
Giving into my desires
this is me
if you don't like it you can leave
I promise I will guide you
long as you listen to me

and if I come up short
I take it out on myself
I take it out on my health
I'm self destructive
I don't listen to nothin'

My flow comes with a current
you get caught up in it
I'm not of this world
I was brought up in it
Taught to finish
What I start
Use my mind
Ignore my heart
You're my lights
When life is dark,
just wait until the spring baby
Just like you & me
everything'll be blossoming baby
Alright I'mma go out on a wing
and say you like it when I sing to you
Make time for each other
but we both have other things to do
I like you so I can't help but make fun of
and be mean to you


Money's not enough
it still takes love to make a man of me
Right now hit this tree but maybe someday start a family

Who am I kidding
I don't even know
I ain't gonna rush it
let's just take it slow
I don't need to know
and I don't wanna
plenty fish in the sea
most of them piranhas
I'm just being honest
because I could never lie to you
I'm inside your mind
when I am physically inside of you
but just in case that's not enough
You make me blush when I least expect it
All my anger's misdirected
I don't really mean it
I'm just busy fighting demons
constant brink of extinction
not to mention
I'm tired and exhausted
But I still ain't lost the
spark that started
Me to want to be an artist

I'm here, I'll be here until the day they take me
Label me a threat cuz of the way I am behaving
Got a storm inside me raging
Waiting to become uncaged
Tryna to keep up with the pace
I hear the sound of closing gates
behind me
With the people that hate me
trying to find me
This is a nightmare
This is a night where
nothings going right, where
I'm tired of life
and I just might do something stupid
Have you ever felt this useless

Every time I take a break
I let down my guard
it's so easy forming habits
Why is quitting so damn hard
Like shit, this isn't good for me
So why do I keep doin it?
And using it
and feeling guilty
i swear this isn't the real me